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Monitoring provided by our highly-trained staff.

Anesthetic procedures at the Adobe Pet Hospital are taken very seriously and every effort is made to insure the safety and comfort of your pet.

Our 3:1 staff-to-patient ratio is rarely seen in pet hospitals and is just one of the reasons we have an unmatched safety record when it comes to anesthesia and surgery. Your pet’s surgery team is comprised of your doctor and two veterinary technicians who are with your pet throughout the entire day. Full-time patient monitoring is not just left to monitors and machines but assigned to a nurse whose sole job is to visually monitor and chart the patient during anesthesia and recovery. Whether it’s a major operation or a routine dental cleaning, this protocol is never varied.

Anesthetic safety begins before your pet is even anesthetized. A pre-anesthetic blood panel checking the organ function, blood gasses, CBC (Complete Blood Count), and an electrocardiogram are performed to rule out any hidden health or cardiac problems your pet may have. Special breathing adaptors for small patients, tracheal intubation (maintaining an open airway) as well as IV catheters and fluids help ensure the safety of all surgery patients under gas anesthesia at Adobe.

A variety of anesthetic gasses are available to veterinarians but at the Adobe Pet Hospital we only use the two safest products on the market – Sevoflurane and Isoflurane. These are the same anesthetics used at Children’s Hospital on infants and, although considerably more expensive for us to purchase and use, offer the greatest margin of safety available.

Our surgery table is equipped with a warm water recirculation system. This combined with warmed post-op blankets for recovery help maintain “core” temperature and insure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Following your pet’s anesthesia, every effort is made to contact you just to let you know everything is alright and to update you on the status of your pet’s procedure. We appreciate how stressful it is to have a loved one anesthetized and we want to reassure you everything went well and your pet is resting comfortably and will soon be home with you.

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