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Treating sick and injured pets with diagnostics.

At Adobe Pet Hospital, our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy. Thanks to modern diagnostics and our on-site laboratory, we're able to do just that for sick and injured pets.

Our in-clinic diagnostic capabilities enable us to conduct chemistry panels, complete blood counts (CBCs), geriatric screenings, pre-anesthesia blood work, fecal analysis, and urinalysis as well as testing for heartworms, feline leukemia, feline AIDS, canine parvovirus, pancreatitis, and more.

The quick turnaround time of our in-house lab means that our knowledgeable veterinarian can give you his diagnosis and start treatment on the same day. That’s all the better for getting your pet back to normal as quickly as possible.

Learn more about our diagnostic services here:

Cat & Dog Diagnosis

Blood Tests

Diagnosing a variety of conditions.

Pet Digital Radiology

Digital x-rays assist in diagnosing illness & injury.

Pet Ultrasound

A non-invasive way to diagnose sick & injured pets.

Please call us today at (925) 449-4228 to learn more about our Diagnostic Services.

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